Dragua Montana Pt 1

Travel with Church and Terna on a quest to prevent the resurrection of the Sealed One.

Part 1 in a two part series.

An excerpt, giving a little history in the world of Tetra:

"Many suns ago, when Tetra was young, and the Dark One’s hands had not yet scarred our world, the God Tyrik the Goodly created the Kilixit as a way for the Gods and Goddesses to get around the world and help form it into its current being. When The-One-Never-to-be-Spoken-of-Again separated from them, She tried to use the Kilixit to take Tetra as Her own to rule as She willed. Tyrik and His wife Artymid the Kind led an army of Gods and Goddesses against the Dark One and Her army of demons to try to save the world. The battle raged on for four centuries and nearly destroyed the homes of the few mortals that inhabited this place. When the battle was done, Eric Salvos, doom keeper of the Gods, sealed Her away for eternity in the Tower of Hell. Though unable to remove Her of Her power, they were able to limit it and make sure she could never attempt the worldly take over again. Where the famous Final Battle took place is now called Ijiki Cagashi or Scarred Ground When one treads there, they can find where each Gods immortal blood had spilt and see why they left the world until She tries to escape again."

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